I was taught to work with glass in the open flame by my mother – Elena Hernburg, an artist and a master of lampwork.
Glass has always fascinated and enchanted me, and I spent days and nights at the torch.
I became a good craftsman.
But it was not enough for me, so I went to Italy, the home of all the glass masters – to the island of Murano.
I breathed the air of creativity and saw some great masterpieces of applied art, while being taught many techniques and learning the secrets.
All of this contributed to my style incredibly.
Italian masters have influenced the spirit of my works and the way of my thinking.
I realized what I was actually interested in.
My passion is creating jewelry for women from the very project to the real implementation.
All my jewelry pieces are made for real women.
Even if there is no actual woman next to me, I imagine her first and then I create jewelry she would wear.
Over the course of time my works transformed to shape the image of my own brand.

With all my heart I hope that you share my love for the most beautiful and most mysterious material on Earth — the glass.


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